Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves are not only a carbon natural way and cost effective way to heat your house they can also add a really homely feel to a room. There’s no denying that there are very few luxuries in this world that can measure up to curling up in front of a roaring real fire. We have a huge selection of stoves from all the major brands to choose from.

Air Vent
Chimney Type
Control Type
DEFRA Approved
Fuel Type
Heat Output
  • Flair 8 Woodburning Stove

    Flair 8 Wood Burning Stove

  • Flavel Arundel Multifuel Stove


  • Flavel Dalton Stove

    Flavel Dalton Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove

  • FlavelNo.1MulitfuelStove

    Flavel No.1 Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove SQ05

  • Flavel no.1 multifuel stove

    Flavel No.1 Multifuel / Wood BurningStove CV05

  • Flavel No.2 Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove CV07

  • Flavel no.2 multifuel stove

    Flavel No.2 Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove SQ07

  • Flavel Rochester 5 Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove

  • FlavelRochesterStove

    Flavel Rochester 7 Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove

  • Gallery Classic 5 Cleanburn Multi-Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

  • Gallery Classic 8 Clean Burn Multi-Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

  • Gallery Firefox 5.1 Clean Burn II DEFRA Approved Stove


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