Flue Types

There are several different Flue Types, it is important to choose the correct one to work with your property and your requirements…

Chimney Flue Types

Traditional Chimney

Compatible with electric, gas and solid fuel fires

Pre-fabricated Flue Types

Pre-fabricated Flue

Compatable with most class 1 and 2 gas fires.

Pre-cast Flue Types

Pre-cast Flue

Compatible with class 2 fires.

 Power Flue Types

Power Flue

A powered fan is used to remove the smoke and gases the fire produces.

 Balanced Flue Types

Balanced Flue

Uses 2 Pipes to carry air in and out to disperse the products of combustion.

Power Flue Types

Power Flue

Uses a catalytic converter to change the gases into carbon dioxide and water vapour (air vent required)