Electric VS Gas


If you have children, Pets or limited room, an electric fire could be perfect to finish off your home. Electric fires are much cheaper than gas fires, Both with the install and initial purchase cost. Electric fires come in many different designs, shapes, sizes and colour. Best of all you don’t need a chimney or flue as there are is no toxic smoke or gas which makes them easy to install, unlike gas fires. Electric fires are extremely user-friendly and adjustable. You could just have the flame without the heat with an electric fire, this means that you can use your electric fire all year at a very small cost as it is the heater that uses the most energy. Most modern electric fires are very energy efficient and most of all safe due to no flames.

They require no maintenance which makes them very reliable. A lot of our electric fires use Long life LED light bulbs, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them anytime soon since their average lifespan is 25years. The electric fires themselves usually last a very long time. This makes them very practical and cost effective, there is also no annual inspection needed with an electric fire.

One of the main attractions of an electric fire is that they give off zero Fumes which makes them much safer than gas fires. This why an electric fire is ideal for families with children or pets.


Gas fires Have high heat outputs of around 4kw due to the real flame while electric fires are limited to 2kw so they do not overheat. This means that gas fires can heat a larger room in half the time it would take an electric fire to heat the same room. Another advantage of a gas fire is it isn’t affected by a power cut or heating system issues which means you will always have a backup heat source so long as you have a gas supply to your home, unlike an electric fire. They are also much quieter than an electric fire.

In the long run, a gas fire costs less to fuel than an electric fire depending on how long it is on for. However, the installation and initial costs of a gas fire is much more expensive than an electric fire.


In conclusion neither fire is better than the other, however, one type will suit your home and circumstances better than the other. An electric fire would be ideal if you have family or pets, and don’t want to have to install a chimney or flue. A gas fire would be ideal if you would like large amounts of heat quickly with a low sound profile.