We work closely with British Manufacturers in order for us to guarantee quality products all the time and at great prices! Recently we took a trip up to Be Modern in the North East to see what they are up to and how we can better work together for a better service to you our customers. The two days we spent at Be Modern emphasised what a machine they have on going day after day and remain to be one of the biggest if not the biggest manufacturer in our industry providing and supplying some of the best products in our market.

Be Modern is the home of Elgin & Hall and its first brand Be Modern. Be Modern design, produce and offer their products from start to finish in the North East in their vast manufacturing space positioned over 3 sites. Be Modern produce their products with the customer in mind along the way all the time with feedback and ideas from sellers like Click Heating and you the buyers!

We can provide our products at competitive prices due to the ongoing working relationship we have with Be Modern and its staff, directors and owners.

Products on offer range from:

  • Wood surrounds in various colours shapes & sizes,
  • Marble fireplaces in many different shapes and models and colours,
  • Electric fires designed and manufactured in various models and finishes,
  • Gas, Electric & Solid Fuel Stoves designed and manufactured in various models.

– You can see from the images the vast manufacturing operation in place at Be Modern.


Marble Slaps from Italy & Spain in slap formation ready for the high-tech machines to produce the designs that you the customer want and request. The Marble slabs arrive in slab formation in 20mm or 30mm thickness providing a better finish to their products.

The Slop – manufacturing waste is known as marble slop is all the dust from the marble washed and pressed and gone through a system to produce the slop companies and used for road maintenance and new road constructions.

The Large Heating Plant and Boiler Rooms.

These are impressive on their own and Be Modern have a great system in place to ensure they remain as eco-friendly a business they can. From the Manufacturing rooms, all the dust & off cuts are collected via a large extraction system and filtered into a large plant room. From the plant room the dust and off cuts are sectioned off and in the summer they are stored ready for use in the winter so the manufacturing waste is used and provides heating to the whole plant during the winter months meaning no wastage and no excessive gas or alternative fuel is being used.

Electric Fire Moulds

You can see from the images the moulds are produced on site and once formed they go off to the painter for spraying and then an artist paints the style of the logs and embers to get a much better look and feel to the design. Every detail from start to finish is thought about and makes for a better product to us